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Stable but flexible, wear-resistant in jammers and winches. It maintains its softness. Recommended for halyards, toppings, tackles, and control lines on cruising boats. Ideal for sheets of maxi sailing yacht. This is a lovely rope and proving to be very popular with it's combination of low cost and low stretch.

Where most similar polyester on polyester yachting braids have 9-10% and often more stretch, Star has only 5.5% at 30%. Consider that next to a dyneema cored braid with 3% at 30% and you can see why this Star is so popular with cruisers or those on a budget.

This is also a good hard wearing rope due to it's cover constriction.


Size 10mm
Name Star
Made in Italy
Construction Double Braid
Cover HT Polyester
Core 12 plait with 100% HT Polyester
Break load 2600kg
Termination included (assuming they are good ones) in the loads Yes
Stretch at 30% of break load 5.5%
Stretch at break load 12%
Weight 76 gramms per mt
Spliceable Yes it splices up very nicely but it's not for a first timer

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