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No this isn't a 'to PWB std' or 'made to Australian Std', which are often code words trying to hide made in China, this is the real Kangroo loving, VB swilling, Holden driving, Shelia chasing PWB made chain, 100% the real McCoy.

Manufactured in Australia, in a short link configuration meeting the requirements of Australian Standard AS2321. PWB Anchor Grade L Chain is also recommended for use in Fathom Chains and mooring applications and is now available with an increased Maximum Working Load (MWL) based on Design Factor of 4:1. PWB also features good Aussie galvanising. This is a quality chain and when you consider it's a Kiwi saying that, the chain can only be damn good.

PWB was originally formed from the amalgamation of the Bennett Chain Company and Pitt Waddell Pty Ltd in 1962, the merger in 1987 with Australia’s premier hoist manufacturer of the time, Anchor Engineering, saw the present day PWB Anchor Limited established in Victoria. Operating from Bundoora, Australia and recognised world-wide for the manufacture and distribution of premium quality lifting equipment for nearly 90 years, PWB Anchor Limited boasts a proud history of association with prominent and successful corporations in Australia and Overseas.

Wire Size  10mm
 Made in  Australia
 Made by  PWB Anchor
 Specification  AS2321
 Grade equivalent  L (30)
 Working Load  1260 kilos
 Proof Force  25 kN
 Break Force  50 kN
 Finish  HD Galvanised
 Pitch (P)  29.8mm
 Width (W)  34mm
 Weight  42.3 metres per 100kg
 Tested  Fully
 Proof Loaded  Fully
 Calibrated  Fully
 Normalised  Yes
 Test Certificate  Yes on request
 Marking  PWB-L
 Colour  Anything you like as long as it's a silver/grey
 Maximum Length  210 mts

Specifications subject to change if the manufacturer so desires. But that is unlikely in our opinion.

1 kN = approx. 102 kilograms. Or 101.971621298 to be more precise.

 What the!!! do those Terms mean? Better check here for more detail then. (Will open in new window)

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