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4mm Lumina lifeline 99 fully complies with YNZ Safety Regulations for use as a fibre lifeline.


This cable is purpose built for life lines but can be used for the production of runners, forestays, removable forestay, backstay, structural strops, bobstay, T-ROD and small boats standing rigging. Particularly convenient due to the ease with which it can be spliced by practiced splicers. It has a special double braid construction blending a Dyneema® SK99 Heat set urethaned core with Dyneema® SK78 urethaned cover making it very durable:

The glow-in-the-dark inserts make the life line visible even at night, improving safety and making movements easier on the deck during night-time navigation. Thanks to its construction it is fairly easy to splice and, with an elegant clear and effective result. Moreover, its durability and reliability are proven from several tests on racing and cruising boats.

  • Minimum elongation
  • High tensile strengths
  • Low weight
  • Maximum cable flexibility
  • Easy splicing
  • Excellent durability
  • High visability due to luminesense

Size 4mm
Name Lumina Lifeline
Made in Italy
Construction Double Braid
Core SK99 Dyneema®
Cover SK78 Dyneema® With Luminescent inserts
Break load 1500kg min
Weight 12 grams per metre
Stretch 1.7% at 30% of break load
Creep Very very low
Spliceable Yes and it's a nice one to do BUT do it properly or you'll lose it's goodness
Std Reel size 100mts


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