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10mts of 6mm chain spliced to 75mts of DrumWarp6

From the home of NZ's leading Anchor Winch and Rode specialists.

This particular set up can be used on any Drum Winch or by hand over hand.

The DrumWarp is a purpose built very high quality totally balanced braid specifically made for use on drum winches. The clever construction and materials used in the DrumWarp ensures you get the maximum strength combined with lots of elasticity, commonly know as stretch, to give you and the boat the best and safety possible ride when at anchor.

Match the DrumWarp to some magnificent Italian made Maggi AQUA Tough Chain by the hands of NZ's most experienced anchor system and splicing specialists to get the best possible gear for your anchoring pleasure.

As we make these in NZ out of local and EU made products you aren't stuck with a small limiting choice, we can make one just for you just the way you want it. Drop us a note with what you'd like.

Chain 6mm Maggi AQUA Tough Chain
Chain length 10mts
Rope DrumWarp6 Braid
Rope length 75mts
Spliced Yes
Is it ready to fit and put to use? Yes


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