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15mts of 6mm chain spliced to 70mts of 12mm Samson Pro-Set 3 Strand Nylon rope

From the home of NZ's leading Anchor Winch and Rode specialists.

This particular set up is the one for all winches.

This Rode is made using Pro-Set, a premium T66 Nylon 3 Strand rope made in the US by the worlds best rope-maker Samson. The rope is then lovingly hand spliced to some Italian made Maggi AQUA Tough Chain G40 short link anchor chain.

This is as good as you'll get when talking a 3 strand anchor rope. Back a few years everyone was having continual issues with rode or winch problems and things just not lasting as they should. After trialling 15-20 odd different ropes as hard as we could one jumped out as the ducks knuts, the Pro-Set. Since then it's easily proven itself as the best of the best.

Yes it costs a bit but then do you really expect to pay Great Wall ute prices for a Corvette Stingray? I was going to say Ferrari Enzo but Samson is US. Oh, what about the Dodge Viper? Anyway if you look at the cost over it's life it is one of the cheapest as it just last, oysters, propellers, knives etc willing.

NOTE: It is very inportant you CHECK WHICH CHAIN GYPSY FITTED TO YOUR WINCH, it is critical to get the right sized chain or you'll end up casuing damage. If you don't know, ask or this page may help you. If that doesn't just contact us, we have a massive database of all gypies in use and have been doing this for decades.

As we make most to order Custom sizing is easily done, just give us a ring.

Chain 6mm Maggi AQUA Tough Chain
Chain length 15mts
Rope 12mm Pro-Set Nylon 3 Strand - Certified
Rope length 70mts
Spliced Yes
Is it ready to fit and put to use? Yes
Packaging Reuseable plastic bin


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