Here we'll put results of tests and other similar things done to anchors. All the stuff posted will be as supplied/found and will be unedited unless noted.

Please note: none of the following test results have been 'normalised' as one manufacturer does. 'Normalised' is another word for 'fiddled with'.


Lets start with some results out of Australia.

Some testing done by Robertsons in Aussie. Robertsons don't make nor sell anchors, they do a lot of test work though.

Download Robertsons Test PDF


anchor test chart.


Anchor test

Here's a big one done by Yachting Monthly back in Nov 09

Download Yachting Monthly Test


A video a good keen bloke has compliled from 40 other anchor testing videos.


Some testing dine in the US a year or so back. This one is a soft bottom test and very comprehensive by some good lads. It was also watched by many magazine writters so no one will have been able to fiddle with anything.

Download Fortress Chesapeake Bay Performance Chart

The indervidual results in order of performance

Download Fortress Chespeake Bay Anchor Test


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