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Winch, Warp and Anchor Combo package for lighter boats to 10.5 metres or heavier ones up to 9.5mts.

A fantastic well balanced package aimed at the6 to 10.5mt boats wanting top end performance package. We have matched all the components to ensure best performance.

This features a Automatic Rope to Chain which. That means you can operate it from the cockpit and the winch will automatically change from the warp to the chain for you. No more tricky balancing on the bow while retrieving your gear, nor a grumpy wife when she's ask to go do it for you. Also featuring FreeFall so you can hi-speed drop smack on the top of that fat juicy Snapper. Chuck in Maxwells Wave Design gypsy for better rope handling and what stunner of a winch. This is all the latest in technology gear meaning top end reliable performance.

The HRC6 is for 6mm chain and the HRC7 is for 7mm chain. The only differance bing the chain gyposy fitted. You'll be asked to choose which size you like. If you aren't sure which the rough guide is for boats 6mt or smaller go 6mm, over 6mts go 7mm.

Put into that one of CRA's R2C's (Rope to Chain Rodes) and you'll know it'll work at maximum performance as you'll be using the exact same gear Maxwell use to test their winches as we make them for them. These feature fully Certified Square Braid, or 8 Braid as many call it, spliced to some top end HT Maggi Short link chain.

Match that to your choice of Super High Holding Power (SHHP ) Anchor, a Super Sarca or Excel out of Australia or a Supreme from NZ meaning proven performance and reliable build quality.

This Combo contains the following -

  • All you need to get you up and rocking with a great and matching anchor winch set-up.
  • A Maxwell HRC6 or HRC7 Auto winch with Emergency retrieval handle, Templates, Manual, Limited 3 Year warranty.
  • Maxwell Breaker/Isolator Panel
  • Maxwell Up/Down toggle switch
  • Maxwell Reversing Solenoid
  • The 15mts of 6 or 7mm Maggi chain (depending on which model winch you choose) and 50mts of 8 Braid Nylon warp come already spliced together by NZ leaders in this field so drop that in and you're good to go.
  • A stainless steel shackle which is the best option to use when you are using the rockslot on the shank of any of the anchors.
  • No swivel, it's not needed as the 8 Braid is a non-rotating rope.
  • The Anchor of your choice, all of which are well proven to be one of the best in the game. You will be asked to pick which one, suss above for the options.
Winch Model Maxwell HRC6 or HRC7
Chain size 6mm for the HRC6 or 7mm for the HRC7
Has Freefall option Yes both do
Volts 12V
Motor 400W
Max Pull 270kg
Static Hold 700kg
Rode Speed 33 mt/min
Weight 11.5kg
Has a Capstan fitted No

So all you'll need now is a boat, some tools, a bit of wire and a hour or so to fit it all up. These are a easy fit winch so they can be installed by someone half handy.

It is highly recommended the wiring is done by someone who knows that game well. Poor wiring is a common cause of winch issues and poor performance, it's not a good area to take short cuts in.

We can vary the lengths used in the Rode if required. Actually we can vary just about all of it to suit your needs. If you'd like to talk about changing the package itself or just what is the best option for you boat please feel free to contact us any time. Getting it right the 1st time is the best way to go and we are happy to help you with that.

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