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This model is pretty much the same as the 2200 EHD version but without that little extra 'balls' the EHD's 1200W will give you. In a high use situation we would suggest using the EHD version. If you're just using the winch periodically go with the STD model. Either way you'll be happy as these are damn good bits of gear.

Anchor Windlass Model V2200 12V 1000W Standard

* Elegant design to enhance your boat
* Highest quality materials
* In-line transmission makes servicing easy
* Geared manual backup - the best on the market
* Free fall chain
* Drum runs independently for docking or light anchor
* New Zealand made


* Above deck parts in chrome plated high tensile bronze and 316 stainless steel.
* Motor: 12V DC 1000w insulated return dual direction series wound.
* Brake: Automatic mechanical soft stop type. Transmission : Three stage epicyclic with long life lubrication.
* Spring action ratchet for user safety with external lever release.
* Standard accessories: Clutch key and manual recovery handle.


8mm, 10mm, 11mm short link but not all at once.


* Chain speed maximum hauling: 20m/min.
* Payout minimum 22m/min
* Maximum "snatch" pull: 1000kg.
* Recommended circuit breaker 12v = 70A - slow reaction type.
* Hydraulic, non braked version available.
* Requires 105bar for 1000kg pull, 42 litre/min for 23m/min chain speed.
* Note that performance will vary with chain pitch and assumes full voltage available across motor terminals under load.



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