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Chain Windlass Model V2200 EHD 1200W 24V

  • EHD means what? we hear you ask. Extra Heavy Duty, the one with the 1200W motor.
  • 24V
  • Elegant design to enhance your boat
  • Highest quality materials
  • In-line transmission makes servicing easy
  • Geared manual backup - the best on the market
  • Free fall chain
  • Drum runs independently for docking or light anchor
  • New Zealand made


  • Above deck parts in chrome plated high tensile bronze and 316 stainless steel.
  • Motor: 24VDC 1200w insulated return dual direction series wound.
  • Brake: Automatic mechanical soft stop type.
  • Transmission : Three stage epicyclic with long life lubrication.
  • Spring action ratchet for user safety with external lever release.
  • Standard accessories: Clutch key and manual recovery handle


6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 11mm short link (Chain gypsy fitted to suit.)


  • Chain speed maximum hauling: 23m/min - 24v.
  • Payout minimum 26m/min - 24v
  • Maximum "snatch" pull: 1000kg.
  • Recommended circuit breaker 50A = 24v - slow reaction type.
  • Hydraulic, non braked version available.
  • Requires 105bar for 1000kg pull, 42 litre/min for 23m/min chain speed.
  • Note that performance will vary with chain pitch and assumes full voltage available across motor terminals under load.

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