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This is for a Pink Fluffy Bunny arrangement of the winches Gizmofanatisizer, but note that's only on days of the week with a Z in their names. On other days it's whatever Trevor the Pineapple wants.

Chain Windlass Model V3500 EHD 1200W RH

  • EHD means what? we hear you ask. Extra Heavy Duty, the one with the 1200W motor.
  • RH means what? Right handed Hawes pipe. This is the most common but we can do left handed if you want or run twin winches, look for 'LH' in the description.
  • Elegant design to enhance your boat
  • Highest quality materials
  • In-line transmission makes servicing easy
  • High operating speeds, fast payout and recovery
  • Free fall chain
  • Low profile version available for clear deck installations
  • Drum runs independently for docking or second anchor
  • New Zealand made


  • Above deck parts in high tensile bronze and 316 stainless steel.
  • 12 DC 1200w insulated return dual direction series wound motor with 3 stage epicycle gearbox.
  • Standard Accessories: Clutch key, manual wind key.
  • Optional Accessories: Footswitches, Circuit breaker, reversing solenoid, diode, chain meter, helm control.


Short link 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, subject to sample. As long as the chain matches the gypsy fitted to the winch.


  • Steady pull 320kg.
  • Snatch pull 1590kg.
  • Haul man 16m/min
  • Recommended circuit breaker 12v = 70A slow reaction type.
  • Note that performance will vary with chain pitch and assumes full voltage available across motor terminals under load.

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