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A DIN5685/A Standar Regular, sometimes called Mid Link, galvanised chain made by Maggigroup® in northern Italy.

An important note: As the Maggigroup use high grade materials and processes do not apply the following numbers to any other manufacturers chain. There are many chains being called the same thing yet have loads only 50% of Maggigroup products.

Maggigroup® has been manufacturing chains since 1925 and all products undergo stringent controls, which not only involve the functional testing of individual pieces but also includes the identification and evaluation of the product in terms of the environment impact and risks to the user. These processes not only satisfy environmental requirements relating to product use but also guarantee the end user gets a top quality product, which is always the Maggigroup® prime concern.

This makes Maggigroup® chains world leaders in performance, safety and reliability.


Wire Size  5mm
 Made in  Italy
 Made by  Maggigroup
 Specification  exceeds DIN5685/A and NF E26-020 type A
 Working Load  330 kilos
 Proof Force  6.5 kN
 Break Force  13 kN (approx 1,330 kg)
 Finish  HD Galvanised
 Treatment  Zinc rich low alloy enhanced self-healing
 Pitch (P)  24mm
 Width (W)  18.2mm
 Weight  43 kilos per 100mts
 Tested  Fully
 Proof Loaded  Fully
 Normalised  Yes
 Test Certificate  Yes
 Colour  Anything you like as long as it's a silver/grey

Specifications subject to change if the manufacturer so desires. But that is unlikely in our opinion.

 What the!!! do those Terms mean? Better check here for more detail then. (Will open in new window)

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