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Drum Warp Pro 6 is the only braid purpose built for use on drum winches that comes with the extra assurance of BV.


With the increase in use of drum winches by recreational boats it was found that the rodes (the rope and chain) being used on them gave many boats either not enough length on the winch or enough length but of a very weak rope. Some are using dyneema and other fibres like that but in an anchoring situation that's the last product you'd want to use. OK strength but no elasticity meaning in any weather the winch could be taking some hell shock loads as is the anchor. As we all know shock loads are what kills gear on boats, pulls anchor out of the ground, makes the boats ride bloody horrible and is the last thing you want in a anchor warp so we thought there has to be better. But when we looked there wasn't anything that fitted the requirements....... so we got together with one of our rope partners and made a rope specifically for use on drum winches.

So what is it?

Without getting all deep and technical on you, it is a blend of specifically picked fibres that have been braided into a double braid construction rope to give an exceptionally well balanced braid with very hi-strength yet also a LOT of elasticity. We have even incorporated a high abrasion resistant cover to give you extra safety and longevity. The cover is made in a specific unique colour pattern to make it both easily identifiable as DrumWarp and highly visible so you don't strangle passing kayaks or worse, the wife.

Is all that just more marketing crap or what?

CRAP by name (the Chains Ropes and Anchor People) but not by nature so we get, both for our and your assurance, a lot of our gear independently Certified. This rope is Bureau Veritas (BV) Certified, just like the similar ropes we do for the superboats are. That Certification ensures you are getting proven quality and performance rather than smoke blown up your....... yes that sun never shines place ;)

So what do I get if I use that as my Anchor Warp?

Match the DrumBraid to some Maggi or PWB chain and you'll have the strongest most elastic anchor warp possible for a drum winch that with the high abrasion cover will also ensure you can get the maximum length onto the winch for deeper and safer anchoring over a longer time.

There is also a DrumWarp8 for the larger winches and boats.


Name DrumWarp Pro 6
Size 6mm
Colour White stripes with orange/black flecks
Break Load The last 3 tests got 1476kg, 1504kg and 1488kg
Stretch at 30% of BL 10-11%
Stretch at Break Load 25-26%
Weight 30 gramms per meter
Maximumn continous length      800 metres
Spliceable It sure is and we do each day.


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