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The ultimate Dyneema® SK99 delivers the highest tenacity available in a light weight polymer fiber. It shows a 7% increase tenacity over SK90 and 20% over SK75 and SK78 and the modulus is 10% higher than SK90 and 35% higher than SK75 and SK78. This translates into thinner and lighter weight lines than other ropes, made with the same diameter, but with significantly increased strength. The result is a better performance from more compact running rigging and guarantee a lower stretch, better sail performance and boat response.and that dimensions are correct and suitable for the equipment being used. easily spliced. This is the strongest rope by weight or diameter available ex stock on the NZ market.

Uses: Halyards, sheets, afterguys, tackles, strops and many other applications.

Features: Elevated breaking load, Minimal elongation ultralight weight, Highest tenacity, Low water absorption, High UV resistance,

Excellent flexibility,Ultimate top performance,Product avalaible without cover or with,protection cover.

Construction: 12 plait with 100% Dyneema® SK99 impregnated with polyurethane coating and special heat treatment HSP

Size 3mm
Made in Italy
Material 100% Dyneema® SK99
Coating PU Coated
Heat Treated Yes. Special heat treatment HSP.
Construction 12 strand single braid
Break Load 1444 kilos
Splice lose due to termination The break load includes good terminations
Stretch at 30% of break load 1.7%
Stretch at Break laod 2.86%
Weight 6.02 grammes per metre
Spliceable Yes. Easy but do it well to retain maximum strength

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