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Kytedyne HPS is single braid in Dyneema SK75, available in the diameters lower than 2 mm.


It was initially developed for control lines in Kitesurfing, and can be used for different applications.

In this water sport the connection between the kite and the kiteboard requires high precision and resistance to the continual tensions, low elongation and a perfect ropes firmness. The compactness of the braid assures little water absorption and low penetration of salt and sand, with excellent results in terms of durability.

Kitedyne HPS is subjected to the heat prestretch treatment (HPS) and impregnated with polyurethane coating. It guarantees high breaking loads and minimum elongation; furthermore it assures low water absorption and the best compactness of the braid.

Construction and additional informations

Single braid in Dyneema® SK75 + HPS and PU coating treatment
Other uses, lashing and spearfishing guns       


Size 1.9mm
Name Kitedyne
Material Dyneema® SK75
Coating PU Coated
Heat Treated Yes
Construction 12 strand
Break Load 385
Stretch at 30% of Break Load 2.3%
Stretch at Break Load 3.3%
Weight  1.96 gram per mt
Spliceable Yes but you will need to be a legend.

Awesome small line. Strong and very low stretch....... and in some pretty colours

It features a sort of knobbly finish to the line so better than most smaller Dyneemas when talking knots and grip.

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