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Polyform has been producing the F Series fender for over 50 years and there is no comparison when it comes to quality, range of sizes and protection offered. The F Series fender has offered protection to the world's finest yachts and fishing vessels. Why? Because the owners and captains of these prestigious boats know that they can rely on Polyform's F Series fenders to offer the size, strength and dependability to protect their vessels from the rigors of the sea and weather. If you want the ultimate in protection for your boat, Polyform F Series fenders are the only choice!

CRA comments - These are the fenders all others desire to be but usual fail at. The Polyform-US F Series are easily the best of the best. 

Polyform F3 Fender

 Size - length x dia  762mm x 208mm
 Eye dia  22mm
 Circumference  691mm
 Volume  20 lt
 Approx boat size  6 - 10 mts
 Recommended Cover  ETC-03


Wide range of sizes to suit any vessel
Unique vinyl valve seals securely
Even wall thickness for maximum strength and durability
Multiple ribbed reinforced ropeholds
Twin-eye design for vertical or horizontal use
Designed for use in permanent unprotected moorings, pilings, locks and concrete walls

More Polyform size information here

Shipped uninflated to save cost. They are very easy to inflate.

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