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This range of Solid Yachting Braids are the same as the Classic range except these have solid colour covers so it's purely cosmetic rather than anything structural. The solid colour yarns cost up to 7 times more than white so rather lump them all in one pile we split the cheaper colours out to save you some money.

Designed for the cruiser/racer, FINELINE™ polyester double braids are constructed using 100% high tenacity multifilament polyester yarn. High strength with low stretch, softer construction for ease of splicing, new easy identification 4 fleck colour coding, excellent UV and chemical resistance, for use on most yachting applications such as sheets, halyards, downhauls, runners, reefing line and spinnaker guys.


Size 10mm
Made in New Zealand
Name No idea so lets call it....... Mary.
Construction Double Braid
Cover HT Polyester
Core HT Polyester
Break load 2500kg +/-
Stretch at 30% of break load approx 9%
Stretch at break load approx 15%
Weight 10.4kg per 100mts
Spliceable? Yes. Not to tricky but plan on some practice first if you're new to it.


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