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10mm SK75 uncovered and coated Dyneema has now become SK78. Often known as Dynex even if that is actually a Brand rather than a product name. This rope with 100 % Dyneema® SK78 has the highest strength to weight ratio in the field of ropes.The advantages of using a rope composed of a single braid and a single fibre are incomparable. Superound78 is a concentration of technology and reliability which, pound for pound, is 7 times stronger than steel. For all applications which require high resistance, low weight and minimum water absorption. Ideal for small diameter and low weight halyards, sheets and after guys, strops, control lines and tackles. With Superound78 it is possible to form eyes (adequately spliced) for block beckets and fittings of all kinds. High resistance to abrasion and UV rays. Excellent flex/fold characteristics on small pulleys. Thanks to the elevated breaking load, small diameters can be used, thus reducing weight on board. Particular attention must be paid to make sure that the workloads match those of the rope and that dimensions are correct and suitable for the equipment being used.

Size 10mm
Name Superound78
Material Dyneema® SK78
Coating PU Coated
Heat Treated No
Construction 12 strand
Break Load 10200 kg
Strength lose due to a termination No. The break load includes a termination
Stretch at 30% of Break Load 2.6%
Stretch at Break Load 3.5%
Weight 57 grammes per meter
Spliceable Yes it's easy.

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