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Manila, a legend name in rope. Sometimes confused with Sisal or Hemp, which are quite similar in many ways. While Ctp Cook probably didn't have Manila he would have had something very similar.

Manila rope is made from the fibres of the Abaca plant so it's very natural rather than almost all other common ropes which are made of synthetic fibres.

Not really used on boats for important things like it once was but it's commonly seen in a more decorative role. It is very commonly found around gardens, fencing, lines between bollards and a multitude of uses.

Treat it as wood. If left in wet soggy areas it will rot like wood, you can stain or paint it like you do wood. You can use wood preservatives to extend it's life. While it doesn't mind getting wet it's best not to leave it wet so if you can get airflow and/or sun to dry it out it'll last a lot longer. In good conditions it can last for decades.

15/6/17 PLEASE NOTE Natural fibre ropes will measure larger than stated diameter, if you require a specific finished diameter please phone and get us to measure the current batches as they vary. 

  • The strongest natural fibre
  • Low stretch
  • Hard wearing
  • Great general purpose rope
  • Gets a nice soft feel after the initial 'running in' period.
  • Biodegradable
  • Non conductive (when dry)
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Not too bad resistance to fungus and moisture
  • Looks far better than booorrrring plain synthetic ropes
  • Any colour you like as long as it's a nut brown.
Size 16mm
Made in Philippines
Weight 0.2 kg/mt
Break load* 1800kg
* Being a natural product there will be a larger variance in the break load so the load is only 'approximate'


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