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Donaghys Dockline is a mooring line that combines the dynamic stretch and strength characteristics in the nylon core with the abrasion resistance and colour stability of polyester in the jacket, making this the perfect mooring rope for any marine craft.

Many ropes look the same,but do not perform or last as long as the original.


     Advantages of Donaghys Dockline

  • High strength shock absorbing nylon core
  • Hard wearing colour fast High Tenacity Polyester jacket
  • Braid remains soft and supple in long term use
  • Easy to handle, coil and splice
  • Resistant to kinking, hockling and twisting
  • High level of elongation provides for a comfortable ride at anchor or mooring

      Applications Mooring ,Docking ,Anchoring ,Towing ,Snubbing

BV Certified dockline

Size 18mm
Name Dockline
Made in NZ
Colour Black (colours by special order, conditions apply)
Material HT Polyester jacket, type 6-6 nylon core
Break Load 8100kg average
Stretch at 30% of BL  
Spliceable Hell yeah, can be a bit tricky for a novice


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