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Nylon is a good old stable of the synthetic fibre ropes. Not to bad as an all rounder so very popular for use in anchoring due to it's great elasticity (stretch) with good strength.

This version we call the 'ED' range as it's the stuff good for EveryDay uses. This is the most common seen quality on the market as accountants love it, which is silly really as the higher quality Pro-Set has proven to have a far lower life-time cost.

If you want a nylon specifically for your anchor winch we seriously recommend you use the Pro-Set version as it is far superior so will work far better for far longer. The everyday versions will work but will go bad on you long before the Pro-Set.

  • A good multi-purpose rope

  • Medium lay

  • Great shock absorption

  • Can stretch 45% before it breaks NOT RECOMMENDED FOR TOWING (what happens when a rubber band breaks? Nylon will do the same thing)

  • UV stabilised

  • Sinks in water

  • Average Thermal Stability (higher is better than low)

Size 14mm
Construction 3 Strand
Material hi tenacity Nylon fibre
Break load 4100kg
Stretch at 30% of BL approx. 18%
Weight 130 grams per metrer
Colour White


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