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As Ferrari is to supercars, Spitfires are to fighter aircraft, Hangi is to great tucker, Pro-Set is to nylon ropes. It's the best, it's that simple.

For use in anchor winches that can't run the multi-plait, Pro-Set is unmatched in performance. Sure other nylons work OK for most uses but when the pressure is on the durability and continuous top performance of this top quality warp shines through. A rope proven in NZ waters as the best. While it may seem expensive this rope has proven to be the cheapest if you consider the 'lifetime cost'. In other words, it's now well proven that this rope can out last others by 3-4 times, often longer so unless the other rope is 1/4 of the price, or less, it will end up costing you more than buying Pro-Set would.

Pro-Set is a premium 3-strand, 4-stage rope. It is manufactured to minimize shrinkage, snagging, and hockling; and maximize strength, durability, and flexibility. Pro-Set is easy to handle and splice.

This rope is refered to as Lewmar rope by many. Lewmar don't make it but it is the best option to use on their winches.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable

  • Excellent shock mitigation

  • Heat stabilized

  • High elasticity

  • High strength

  • Hockle resistant

  • Remains flexible with use


Size 3/4" (19mm)
Made in USA
Name Pro-Set Nylon
Colour White with a unique and trademarked Green/Red tracer
Material T66 Nylon
Construction 3 strand laid
Break Load 6100kg average inc terminations (splices)
Stretch at 30% of BL 12.1%
Weight 216 grammes per metre
Spliceable Yes. It's a easy one and a nice rope to use.


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