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Have used many different types of anchors - current one is an Excel. Best ever. - AJR, NZ, Dec 2014

The Excel bites like I've reversed into a brick wall. - AC, NZ, Jan 2015

Once on the seafloor, with a generous scope of 3:1 or more and a modicum of care in setting (a gentle backdown to straighten the rode is generally all that is required) the Excel displays an appetite for marine sediment somewhat akin to that of an Ethiopian stray dog for a generous helping of filet mignon.  The anchor not only bites into the seabed but appears determined to bury itself toward the earth’s core and hang on to the sediment with all the enthusiasm of a Scotsman with a newfound, bright and shiny shilling - Steve, NZ, May 2014

All bottom types where we operate the anchor works as advertised. I now sleep soundly in all locations. I am very happy with the my Sarca Excel and with your service - Al in Australia

When comparing holding power results from the unique T.A.T.S. machine, SARCA Excel is doubling the holding power of the best anchors the world has to offer. SARCA Excel's distinctive and astounding aesthetics designed in mind to enhance the new generation of super yachts. It will fit all bowsprit and internal pull-pit anchor housing arrangements. Excel has many attributes of the Super SARCA giving it unrivalled ability to perform in many types of ocean floor substrate.

anchor test resultsClick on the image for a bigger version and more Test Results of the Excel plus others.

The Excel will eliminate all of the problems that you have with your hoop style anchor, to start with the Excel will fit just about any pull pit or bow roller anchor release and retrieval arrangement. The Excel doesn’t need a hoop as it is self righting and self aligning, Excel is of convex design not a mud bucket, to further aid the cleaning and setting of the anchor the very name Excel and where it is situated allows water to pass through when penetrating the ocean floor reducing resistance and marginally improving the anchors performance, yet upon retrieval the Excel name allows water to pass through these apertures alleviating the sticking and compressing of mud, end result a clean anchor on retrieval.


Features of the SARCA Anchors

  • Tangle resistant.

  • Low centre of gravity self rights and keeps the toe hunting continuously to take advantage of the ocean floor.

  • Full range of anchors have been tested for Super High Holding Power (SHHP) certification.

  • Unrivalled Holding Power.

  • Superior galvanising

Name Excel No3
Made in        Australia, Melbourne to be precise
Weight 12.5kg
Width 310mm
Height 330mm
Length 810mm
Boats to 7 to 10mt
The size guide is just that, only a guide as there are many variables. If you aren't sure what size please ask


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