Brand: Ray - NZ
Product Code: ANKEW01B
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Ex Tax: NZ$61.50

The Kewene has been around for years, since 1974 to be precise, which says a few things in today world. A good anchor for the smaller boats with good all round performance. Made strong in steel only. Features a sliding shank so if the anchor gets stuck that does make the chances of getting it back a lot better. Compact in size so they store well.

We like them

  • Comes with Trip Release shackle
  • Non Foul Head
  • Automatic Retrieval Trip
  • Easily Stowed
  • Completely Reversible
  • Galvanised
Name No1B
Weight 3.0kg
Recommended for boats to 5mts
The recommendation is a guide only. If you aren't sure or have questions please ask

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