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SUPER SPECIAL DEAL ...... Normally $499

These anchors are genuine Danforth anchors, the real McCoy.

The photo is there more to show the Reid label than much else, most of the anchors do look tider than that one. 

These were excess to someone's needs so we can offer them at a hell price. One or 2 of the anchors have been used once maybe twice. They all have been sitting around, in dry storage, for a few years so the galv has that faded look. While there maybe the odd cosmetic blemish they are structurally perfect.

These tyes of anchors love the softer seabed types. Handy as secondary anchors due to flat stowage and cheap price.

Originally designed by Bill Danforth in California in 1939 the Danforth style anchor has offered a good hold with an easy set. The Danforth is traditionally used in smaller craft anchoring. Suitable as a short term fishing anchor or for day cruising. The Danforth offers a quick set in most seabed types and offers good penetration in weed conditions. Very simple to use and easy to stow. The Danforth is very useful as a stern anchor or 'daypick'.

Name 40S
Weight   25kg
A 1100mm
B 820mm
C 600mm
D 420mm
Made in NZ by H R J Engineering


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