Brand: Sea Tech & Sun - Tunisia
Product Code: ANSPX040
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Ex Tax: NZ$1,059.96

X40 Stainless Spade Anchor 6kg.

The leaders and trendsetters in new generation ultra high performance anchors.

These are so seriously BLING it is a shame to actually throw them in the water. The finish is so flash you should just put it on the mandle peice and drool over it.

Massive holding power, super fast setting along with super sexy look makes them the Bees Knees of anchors.

Demountable shank for ease of storage.

No Roll-bar to hinder fitting.

Very large tip weight ratio, which ensures super fast setting even in the more tricky bottom types.

Very sexy styling so makes you look good as well as stay put.

Features highly in CRA's Top 4 Anchors list due to superior setting, holding performance and looks.

They are so good they are the very anchor used on our own boats and have set the trend now being followed by the likes the Rocna, Ultra and Supreme

Also available in Alloy and Galvanised


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