Just a random collection of things we like

Often for no appearent reason apart from 'just beceause we can'. Links will open in another window or pop-up thing or maybe something else. You can also right mouse button click on the link and go 'save link as' (Microsoft may call it something else) to download to your machine.

Most have been downsized in resolution for faster interweb transmission. The bigger versions are far better and can go full screen. Don't forget to pump up the volume.


Hanse Winter Series 08 R1 - photo story with music - 1.9 meg Windows media file (320 x 240px)
Hanse WS R1 Video clips - 2.5 meg .wmv 320 x 240px
Hanse Winter Series 08 R2 - photo story with music - 5.6 meg Windows media file (320 x 240px)
Hanse WS R2 Video clips - 3.5 meg .wmv 302 x 240px
Hanse WS R3 Start Video clips - Video, low res - 2.3 meg Windows media file (320 x 240px)
Hanse WS R5 - Video, low res - 3.4 meg Windows media file (320 x x240px)
Doucement a Hanse 400E - Vide, low res - 3.9 meg Windows media flie (320 x 240)
For bigger versions of Hanse bits conract Tony or Kaye or contact us

Pied Piper Nationals 08 last race

Low res Vids

Downwind- 7.4 meg .wmv file (320x240)
Windward - 4.9 meg .wmv file (320x240)