These are the standard options but far from them all, we can do alsorts of good things.

Nothing Thanks

Nothing Thanks

Pretty much just that. Only really happens to some natural fibres that don't melt so can't be Heat Sealed, like Manilla. The black you see is tape.


Heat Sealed

Heat Sealed

Cut with the Hot knife so the end is basically just melted togeather. All synthetic ropes are heat sealed as the 'default' finish


Spliced Soft Eye

Spliced Soft Eye

A loop spliced on. This loop will be 'soft' as in will not have any reinforcing like a thimble for example. Generally the standard loop size is 20 times the ropes diameter ie. a 12mm rope would have a 250mm loop. Loop size can be whatever you like, as long as we know before we start.


Spliced Thimble

Spliced Thimble Spliced Thimble

A Thimble spliced on to the end of a line. Thimbles can give better wear resistance and will hold their shape when soft eye generally won't. Note Thimbles are a set size so no room to adjust the size.

Thimble options

Galvanised Steel - tough but not that sexy looking really. Good for general purpose things

Nylon - White and high strength. No rust and less pain if you cop it around the ear.

Stainless Steel - No rust and with shiney bling bling look. Not recommended for permanently immersed applications.

Any type thimble can be used in any rope type except a very few.


Whipped End

Whipped End Whipped End

Whipping is when you bind the end of a line with a smaller line. This stops the end fraying and just looks a lot sexyier than Heat Sealing for example. As standard we use White whipping on light coloured lines and Black on darker but can do alsorts if you like, just say. We can even colour code your ropes to their differing lengths, uses or whatever.


Spliced Snap Shackle

Spliced Snap Shackle Whipped End

A Snap Shackle spliced on just as it sounds really.

Two big advantages of splicing them on is that there is no knot which does weaken ropes a lot more than a splice, a big lot on the fancy fibres like Vectran or Dyneema. The other is no knot to get caught on things, a lot lower profile. And a spliced on fitting just looks so much cleaner. The same applies to any fitting we splice on.