Aqua 4

AQUA 4 and AQUA7: when the base model is already outstanding

In the last few years, European technical standards have set the mechanical and dimensional features of anchor chains for the boating industry and have always based the mechanical strength standard to a tensile strength equal to 30kg per mm2.

MaggiGroup® has elected to increase the quality of its standard anchor chains to a tensile strength of 40kg per mm2.

Thanks to the careful selection of special steels and high quality processes, MaggiGroup® basic products exceed industry standard mechanical performance!

This is why we have decided that, from today, MaggiGroup® basic range of calibrated anchor chains will take on the quality-distinctive brand of AQUA 4.

AQUA 4 vs Grado 30 ChartAQUA 4 and AQUA 7 vs Grade 30

The diagram shows that AQUA 4 mechanical performance is 33% better and, more specifically, has 33% more tensile strength compared to a Grade 30 traditional chain. Witth some of the chains out of the east being only G20's the AQUA4 is twice as strong.

You can also see the AQUA7 is a massive 133% stronger than a Grade 30. The AQUA7 is the strongest shortlink anchor chain available which means you can swap a 10mm G30 to a 8mm AQUA7 and end up with a stronger chain. But rememeber you do lose weight.

Just to add some local flavour for the local viewers in Australasia. Grade 30 is also known as Grade L.

We stock AQUA4 and AQUA7 in DIN766/A, the EN818-3, ISO and some of the AS2321 Standard sizes. We also stock fully Certified anchor chains, the only ones in NZ to do so.