Maggi Catene SpaThe Maggi brand was set up in 1925 thanks to the intuition and commitment of the Maggi family and since then it has stood out as one of the most dynamic and farsighted experiences within the entire European chain-making industry. The constant commitment in the field of research and innovation, together with vast multi-sectorial experience, enables the Maggi Group to introduce top quality products onto the market, that are unique in terms of performance, practicality and reliability.



Fine LineEstablished in 1996 Fineline Marine Ltd (formerly Braidmakers) is a privately owned family company with over 70 years experience in the New Zealand braiding Industry. Specialised braiding company involved with products for the marine, industrial, leisure and film industries.



Donaghys IndustriesDonaghys Industries had its beginnings as a small ropeworks founded by John Donaghy in Dunedin New Zealand in 1876. Today we manufacture in both our Dunedin and Melbourne production sites along with strong supply partnerships where products are engineered to our specification around the world.



Manson MarineFounded in 1972 and based in Auckland Manson Anchors began with the aim of manufacturing anchors suitable for the harsh conditions of New Zealand.

By 1985, Manson was New Zealand's largest anchor manufacturer and started exports to Australia and the Pacific Rim.

Manson Anchors have grown from a family of professional boat-builders, marine engineers and staunch world cruisers. They've been designed, developed, tested and sold into the most demanding boating regions on earth.



SamsonSamson continues push the leading edge in rope technology. The company's unwavering commitment to research, development, and a unique package of field engineering and after-sale support services has resulted in stronger and more durable products for a diverse range of commercial and recreational users.

Samson's marine products such as mooring, barge, dredge and tug lines are used to tow and secure vessels throughout the world. Recreational boaters everywhere utilize the company's anchor and dock lines. Running rigging for sailors is available in both recreational and competitive grades. Samson's commercial fishing products include netlines, purse lines, trawl lines, and crab ropes.



Ocean Blue CordageOBC is leading ISO certified rope manufacturer which specialize in manufacturing all kinds of Polypropylene and Polyethylene Rope, Twine, Yarn with different colors, diameters, specification, UV resistance. Our main products are PP, PE, Nylon, Polyester, Combination, Leaded rope, Anchor Rope, Manila, Fishing net, Twine, Yarn.....

Our products have been used widely in several industries such as fishing, shipping, transportation, packaging, agriculture, toys and many more.

OBC first criterion is QUALITY.