The Chains Ropes and Anchors People Team

Be warned some of the following maybe hard on the eyes.

  Grant or 'BK', The Biggest C R A P. Cheif in charge of dodging as much work as possible but a bit hopeless at it sadly. As you can see he is also the companies fashion director, the sexy beast. While a yachtie at heart he has raced the craft he's leaning on around NZ and is currently learning how to fly one upside down....... on purpose.
  Brian or 'Mr Spot', The C R A P Manager of most things and BK's mobile memory. Smiling as he's just remembered someone has to check if that was 5 or 6000 thimbles that need to be counted and it's not him. This dude knows stuff about rope and chain that people just shouldn't have to know, it's scary. Take him on with in that area if you like but be perpared to lose. 
  Sandy or 'OB' (don't ask), The Office C R A P and reminder that dishes don't belong "lying there!!!!" She's the scary one who can bench over 60kg, not to shabby for a crusty older thing, so cross her and you may suffer a left hook with more then you would expect.
  Wade or 'Wade, where the hell are you now?' An often vacant C R A P and that photo is on a day when he is actually awake. To be fair what arrived here years ago as a 16yo horror on legs has finished an Apprenticeship at the prestigious Alloy Yachts and become quite bearable. He's now back with us with cool new skills and stories of the fastest Pied Piper in existence....... or so he reckons. NOTE: No he's not trying out for the All Blacks, the Warriors or the be a leader of a village in the hills of Afghanistan, apparently that's a fashion statement.
  Allan aka 'Allan 2.0'. Nearly heading towards being a crusty old silver top but being a yachtie and working in the NZ marine game for decades will do that to the best of us. In his spare time he designs and builds yachts, some in true good old school kiwi style out of real plywood. He also spends a lot of time on the beach watching 2.0 Jnr sailing. Allan's in charge of herding the cats and making the ridiculous happen, which he does very well. As you can see he's currently in 'troublesome Customers' mode.
  Alan 'Wheels' the in-house mad scientist. Loves nothing more than a huge pile of assorted bits of metal and a few power tools. Wheels is the "I can make a Widget out of all this crap C R A P', and he does it well.". His latest specialty is hot dip galvanising wood and turning milk bottles into fuel for his V8.... don't ask ;)
  The Diggleinator. A keen as a bean young lad but a little unusual one, he's got a brain and can use it. Ben started with us as a wee schoolie and has now grown into a real human. He's now deep into engineering, he wants to build bridges and other 'big arse' stuff. Bens current main desires in life are 'any hot chicks' and cold beer. Being the lad any stuff the rest of us don't want to do gets 'Diggled'.
  And just for the many who ask "Why Mr Spot?" check this out