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So many to choose from does make it a tad tricky. Here's some short cuts to try and help you narrow your search a bit quicker.

SHORT Link Chains - Shortest length links, heaviest per meter (size for size), general the strongest formation. Used predominately in Marine for anchor chains but is also found on some farm machinery, conveyor systems and things that use gypsies or sprockets. Unless you have a very old anchor winch, some of which still run Mid link chains, you will need a short link chain. Short links come in assorted finishes, Standards and Grades. All short link chains are either Galvanised or Stainless Steel.

More on Grades here

Grade 30 Short links
Grade 40 Short Links
Grade 50 Short Links
Grade 70 Short links

REGULAR or MID Link Chains – these are the most common seem and the most general purpose. Used for most applications. These come in many different finishes and Standards.

Galvanised Mid Link chains
Zinc Plated Mid Link Chains
Stainless Steel Mid Link Chains
Self-Colour Mid Link Chains

LONG Link Chains – these are the lightest per meter (size for size) and often the cheapest. This formation tends to have the least number of options but you have quite a few options.

These can come with a galvanised, zinc plated, Stainless Steel or Self-colour finish.

Galvanised Long Link chains
Zinc Plated Long Link chains
Stainless Steel Long Link chains
Self-colour Long Link chains

STUD Link Chains – these are often called 'ship chains' due to each link having a bar thru the middle of it. That bar helps prevent link distortion when under extreme loads. Go to Stud Link Chains

The manufacturers supplying NZ -

Maggi Group SpA – An Italian family owned company that's been making chain for 100 odd years. Own their own steel mills and galvanising plants. Regarded as one of the worlds premium chain manufacturers especially into the marine industry. Make the worlds strongest open link anchor chain, AQUA7. Manufacture a huge amount of tyre chains for the world. Go to Maggi made Chains

PWB Anchor – An Aussie manufacturer whose been in the game a long time now. Highly respected and produce a quality product. Sadly they seem to be a bit of a secret to many Aussies which seems a bit weird. PWB is a major supplier of mooring and Transport chains to NZ. Go to PWB made Chains

China – Some is good, some is bad and some is just frightening. We work with one of the oldest manufacturers in China, RCW. They make one of Chinas best chains. We batch test there chains on arrival here are are impressed with their consistent quality.Go to RCW made Chains

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