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8mm 316SS DIN766/A G40 Short Link Chain
Maggi Group - Italy
Maggis' famous Grade 40 8mm Short Link Stainless Steel Anchor chain. This is a Grade 40 so the sam..
8mm CMC Short Link chain
CMC Short link Galvanised Chain 8mm DIN766 We could say this is engineered in Canada or Timbuck..
8mm DIN766 Stainless Steel Short Link  Chain
316 Stainless Steel 8mm Short Link Chain.   Wire Size  8mm ..
8mm DIN766/A AQUA4 Maggi Short Link Anchor Chain
A true 8mm DIN766/A Standard Short Link Anchor chain and the only one in NZ not made in china. Th..
8mm PWB Grade L Short Link Anchor Chain
No this isn't a 'to PWB std' or 'made to Australian Std', which are often code words trying to hide ..
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