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These Bobbins for Loops differ from the rigging thimbles due to the the broader measure of the groove, allowing the fitting of loops when in basket configuration.

Used both for running rigging and for standing rigging and to obtain optimal distribution of the load on lashings, replacing blocks when the rope undergoes little sliding, such as the vang cascade system, backstay cascades, etc. They can be used with loops, strops and spliced on ropes.

Rigging thimbles start having frictional heating and wear problems when there is significant line movement so conventional pulleys are still better for applications such as mainsheet and halyard blocks.

Frictional losses are not as big as one might think, especially when using low friction line such as dyneema. In addition to being lighter and less expensive than conventional blocks, ring ferrules are also less prone to failure since there are no pulleys to crack or bearings to foul.

Name LBB5
Diameter OD 69.6mm
Hole size 29mm
Width 41mm
Suggested max rope size 32mm


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