Rope Colours. We've tried to make them as close as possible to real life but they will vary from screen to screen so be aware of that.

Also below are some differing rope constructions.

Please note not all ropes are available in all the colour options nor will all colours be available all the time, we try but some come from lands far away so can take a while to get to us if we run out before we expect. The below will be added to as new ones come on stream but it will never have every option we have in stock or can make for you (going yachting will always trump updateing websites)

Click on the photo for a close up view.

2 tone gold

2 Tone Gold

yellow with blue fleck

Yellow Armony

Red Armony

White Armony

Greem Armony

Pineapple Express

maroon white mottle

Maroon White Mottled

loud orange

Loud Orange

red kevlar

Red and Vectran Zigzag

2 Tone Blue

Blue Grey Star

Green Grey Star

Red Grey Star

Gold and White

Burnt Orange and White

Maroon and White

Ultralite Black

Ultralite Green

Ultralite Red

Blue vectran Zigzag

Orange Vectran Zigzag

Silver Vectran Zigzag

White with Red Fleck PennyP

Black 3 Strand Laid

Black 8 Braid

Navy 8 Braid

White 8 Braid

White 12 Strand

White 3 Strand Laid

Polyprop White 3 Strand Laid

Polyprop Green 3 Strand Laid

Polyprop Yellow 3 Strand Laid