Chain Grades, what are they about?A collection of advice, tips, tricks and general information

Some of these have been described as ‘Information for Dummies written by Some'. The intent is to try and inform a little without big techo words, jargon and hopefully sometimes in a humorous way.

Please remember that most of the following are written in a not too technical manner so may not included all safety related information, technical specifications, any laws relating to the use care or handling of some products and other stuff like that.

As the differing environments and applications of most of products can be used in is massive, we certainly cannot and do not say any advice is correct for your application. Find someone who knows your application better than you and ask. It's a lot easier and better than losing an eye or worse.

If you have any comments or stories please feel free to send them to us. Good bad or just ugly, we love them all. It can be surprising what we learn from cock-ups so don't be shy; tell us what went wrong with whatever. You probably know a lot more than you think; you just don't know you know.